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Reading Now

First saw this done back in November-ish by Andy Piper and thought it was a very cute idea.

Just got these in. Top book is all about when to quit, sounds obvious but I like Seth Godin and was intrigued by this one.  ReWork is sub-titled ‘change the way you work forever’ and on the cover Seth Godin says ‘ignore this book at your peril’, nuff said. The Social Media Marketing Book I have just started, it’s kinda brief but a good intro to sites and services I haven’t played with yet, easy to read.

The last one, just came today, which prompted me to take the picture. The Mabinogion is a storytellers book, something I would love to add to my improv skills when I get the time! Eleven tales by unknown authors make up this Welsh medieval masterpiece. There are dragons, witches, hunting for boars, arthurian lore and more. I can’t wait. I will get a fresh bag of coffee make a batch, settle in and be transported away. Good times.

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Wot you looking at?

linzi xmas card

Aware that I haven’t posted for over a week as working on the next image here is my bizarre xmas card I did for the wife this year. Santabott went out to everyone else.

If you want your own farrbott drawing, just email me with your thoughts and I will get back to you next day with my availability and price.

If there is anything on this site you would like me to do for you and your business just email, lets have a conversation about it. This site is here for business.

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New Year 2011

farrbott new year 2011

Happy New Year everyone, even if you have Android or Blackberry!

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