Bad Coffee

We’ve all had it, coffee so bad it’s gone straight in the bin. Tho I would much prefer to disintegrate it if I had a phaser. I must be getting fussier or coffee outlets are letting their ‘standards’ slip. I find the Italian coffee shops are the best Costa and Nero. I keep trying Starbucks but it constantly disappoints with appalling coffee.

To avoid this I recommend the best kept secret in the coffee drinking world, the Bodum Travel Press. I first saw and bought one in Vancouver but it cracked in my case on the way home. However Amazon sell them, so my sorrow was short lived. It’s a cafetiere (french press) in an insulated travel mug with a drinking hole closure that although not completley water tight saves heat and 99% of your coffee if it falls over. It is a brilliant thing.

Whenever I travel with it, whip it out at a workshop or at a festival I always get admirers come up and ask me about it, to a chorus of Oooo’s and Ahhhh’s when I show how it works. Of course you need to carry a little pack of fresh coffee too.


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