In the future, humanity started transferring their consciousness into Botts because of environmental collapse caused by Bio-Tech and Big Pharma companies. NASA has failed to colonize the stars, but there is a Moonbase. However, the Linux Open Source Community saved humanity by inventing a way to transfer human consciousness into a Positronic Brain* thereby allowing humanity to thrive and survive as Botts.

This technological leap caused society to improve many-fold for many reasons including the fact that as every Bott has the knowledge to fix the next, even DogBotts, so self-centredness just went away replaced by the desire to serve because one could effortlessly. As all share a degree of interconnectedness thru the Net it’s easy to isolate self serving personalities. Perhaps most importantly, programming sub-routines give Botts a disposition to fun and humor, this eradicated conflict as all Botts are created equal and they know it. All strive for the common good, no drugs, no illness, no bankers – just fun and curiosity.

Botts can keep going on a few cups of coffee a day – just like when they were people, except coffee is now used as a fuel not a drug. Only quality coffee works as fuel, so a certain multinational coffee chain is no more!!!

*I acknowledge Positronic Brain as the creation of the great Isaac Asimov.

Below are some of the characters you will find within the cartoons on this site.

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