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Cylon Threat

BSG battlestar Issac Asimov cartoon gag

Equal best SF ever with Farscape is Battlestar Galactica (BSG) the new one! Got this gag as I was dropping off to sleep one night, as is often the way with me. So if you are a SF fan and know classic Asimov and BSG you will get this, I hope… enjoy.

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Dogbott takes a dump

doggbott dumps old batteries

This is quite english humour I suppose, but as a dog owner myself I couldn’t resist it. In the process of designing Dogbott I drew up several promising doggie botts, a small pack of them in fact. This probably means more dog based gags will be forthcoming :-)

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Farrbott loves coffee

farrboot admires coffee

This is Farrbott. He is a character I created based on a slang word used inĀ Farscape (they spell it fharbot). Farscape is THE best sci-fi ever, well evens with the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica or BSG. Although I am not a cartoonist I was after an idea to re-design my website and this little ‘bott’ seemed ideal. I was in fact greatly inspired by the work of explodingdog who’s work I first saw on the fantastic sticker art site gelaskins when I bought one for my MacBook. More on Farrbott in future posts.

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