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What kind of artist are you?

cartoon artist flow chart

This was sent to me by a pal and I thought it would be fun to share it here. I’m all but two of these chaps. I’m certainly NOT a Mickeysoft Painter nor am I a Journal Cartoonist!!!!! But love the chart, great fun.

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Robot themed

kiddies robot themed LA store

Snapped this as I drove pass in LA, near Hollywood I think. Thought it was quite cool. Nice to see robot stuff on the street.

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Reading Now

First saw this done back in November-ish by Andy Piper and thought it was a very cute idea.

Just got these in. Top book is all about when to quit, sounds obvious but I like Seth Godin and was intrigued by this one.  ReWork is sub-titled ‘change the way you work forever’ and on the cover Seth Godin says ‘ignore this book at your peril’, nuff said. The Social Media Marketing Book I have just started, it’s kinda brief but a good intro to sites and services I haven’t played with yet, easy to read.

The last one, just came today, which prompted me to take the picture. The Mabinogion is a storytellers book, something I would love to add to my improv skills when I get the time! Eleven tales by unknown authors make up this Welsh medieval masterpiece. There are dragons, witches, hunting for boars, arthurian lore and more. I can’t wait. I will get a fresh bag of coffee make a batch, settle in and be transported away. Good times.

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