Set Phasers to Cat

set phasers to cat

I’m not a fan of cats. To my eternal distress, they killed all the birds, frogs, hedgehogs and slow-worms in my garden! So in Farrbott world cats have a bounty on their flea ridden heads. Blast away dogbotts!

Dogbott is at the front here. Behind him is Scottiebott then Pupbott still sporting his puppy camouflage.

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Blow out

farrbott blows out his only tyre

Bit of a piss take on women getting priority treatment with the Auto Club (which is fine!) He’s only got one wheel tho, so NEEDS priority too!!!!

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Come to daddy

farrbott sends grapple for coffee

I thought if I was a ‘bott’ why roll to your morning coffee if you can just reach for it? I thought of the flat tyre while I was drawing him up… enjoy.

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Cylon Threat

BSG battlestar Issac Asimov cartoon gag

Equal best SF ever with Farscape is Battlestar Galactica (BSG) the new one! Got this gag as I was dropping off to sleep one night, as is often the way with me. So if you are a SF fan and know classic Asimov and BSG you will get this, I hope… enjoy.

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