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Let it Snow… on ChuckleBott

let it snow on chucklebott

Christmassy drawings from now on. I thought this was cute and Steve loves the toasters, so this one is for you Steve. Let it Snow is one of my favorites and inspired this drawing.

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Eggnog Lake

You know you wanna dive in and enjoy it’s christmassy, sweet, dairy goodness flowing all over your body. Sticking your un-mentionables together and making you smell like a prize from the fair! Go on… no one’s looking ;-)

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Wot you looking at?

linzi xmas card

Aware that I haven’t posted for over a week as working on the next image here is my bizarre xmas card I did for the wife this year. Santabott went out to everyone else.

If you want your own farrbott drawing, just email me with your thoughts and I will get back to you next day with my availability and price.

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Santabott Takes Off

santa bott takes off

This was the front to this years xmas card. I set it up as a single sided document that also contained the inside message. Just open in Acrobat Reader, print and fold for a perfect card. Very handy this year as the snow had frelled up the Post Office deliveries.

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