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Winter Solstice 2010

winter solstice 2010

My way of marking and respecting this time of year is with a Solstice themed Farrbott cartoon. Happy Yule yall!

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Set Phasers to Cat

set phasers to cat

I’m not a fan of cats. To my eternal distress, they killed all the birds, frogs, hedgehogs and slow-worms in my garden! So in Farrbott world cats have a bounty on their flea ridden heads. Blast away dogbotts!

Dogbott is at the front here. Behind him is Scottiebott then Pupbott still sporting his puppy camouflage.

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Dogbott takes a dump

doggbott dumps old batteries

This is quite english humour I suppose, but as a dog owner myself I couldn’t resist it. In the process of designing Dogbott I drew up several promising doggie botts, a small pack of them in fact. This probably means more dog based gags will be forthcoming :-)

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