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The marketing Force

THE force on earth, tired of it?

Nuff said!

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Cartooning is probably the best way to overcome the public’s 3sec attention span. You can hire me for art, illustration, cartooning, graphic design, etc. at www.attentionspan.ca

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Keep Calm and Coffee On

keep calm and carry on coffee homage version

I’ve seen versions of the WW2 UK wartime poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” all over the place on mugs, tshirts, posters, bookmarks, door mats, you name it. So feeling left out I’ve done my own take on it. You can find on my Freebee’s page the red version 280mm tall to download and print.

You can hire me for art, advertising, corporate literature, you name it. Visual storytelling/cartooning is one of the best ways to beat the public’s 3sec attention span… so email me if you think I can contribute to your project.
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Magic Beans

coffee beans are magic poster

I’ve made this as a poster so there’s no doubt in the studio about where I’m coming from. When ever I make a fresh pot there’s magic in the air. Mmmmmm.

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Fan Poster

dog on bott poster

This is a fan poster. If you email me I will send you an A4 file you can print out for your wall.

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